Between Yes and No

Have you ever wanted to just ball out, and cop a few pieces but you couldn't because you had upcoming bills? I have, and it sucks. It's as if life has a plan of it's own. No you can't buy the new Raf you saw on Tres Bien. No you can't buy those new A.P.C Jeans, you still owe your mom from that Margiela you copped last week. You know, when you told her you needed money for your college text books, but you were really in line at Barney's.  Albert Camus, a 20th century existentialist philosopher believed life is absurd. We're born here with no instructions, we do the same things over and over, and then you die. A better way to put it is life hands you a bunch of L's a few W's and then you die. Similar to Meek Mill’s career. I don't think he'll ever fully recover. Back to Camus, since life has no intrinsic meaning we are to create our own. Giving up on life is easy, upping your instagram follower count is not. Life isn't in control, you are. You choose what you do and how you do it. Camus is mostly pictured in a sweater or a coat. That's why today's pick is an Emporio Armani coat. Simple but timeless, a good coat goes a long way. It's currently being offered in two colors, dark brown and black, just as Camus would of liked it, I think. You can tell yourself you don't want it, and that's ok because I'll be copping it. Well maybe, if the absurd doesn't happen.

Marq Britt
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